Well I find myself unable to do even the simplest of tasks for quite some time now and my poor feet and ankles are constantly swollen so I guess you could say I had an awakening of sorts . I am not going to disclose my weight but I will tell you I am aiming for a total weight loss of 100 pounds!!! And I have given serious thought to the different stomach surgeries to help me achieve this monster goal but I am a huge chicken who gets infections so easy that would in my opinion be the worst choice I could go with. So as I am unable to do any exercising due to the large amount of excess weight I am carrying as well as my arthritis and meniscus tear in my knee I am just working the food aspect of the diet right now. I am 52 years old and have had weight issues all my life but this has gotten completely out of control and started affecting my health so I am now left with no choice but to make this happen and learn how to keep it off in the end. The last 5 years have been very difficult emotionally so I think thats where things started to go downhill rapidly. I was caretaker to my husband who was in end stage liver failure and waiting for a transplant, had to quit my job to look after him and we ended up homeless for a brief period. I also quit smoking due to chronic bronchitis and gained another 35 pounds uggghhhhh . But all excuses aside, here I am and I need to get down to business, pull up my big girl panties and “git er done” lol.

My week 1 was actually a great week, tons of motivation and I have done up a food chart sheet to write down and plan all my meals, snacks , etc on a daily basis. I follow the points system from Weight watchers as I still have my books from a previous attempt . I also write down my weight loss for that week on the front of the food chart weekly so if I have a bad week weight loss wise I can go back over my previous charts and try and figure out if there is a pattern dependent on what I have eaten that week.

My week 2 was a good week as well, stayed on track completely and I found the hunger and gas pains and rumblings from week 1 were starting to diminish lol. I have given up my cream in my tea from Tim Hortons and that is actually the hardest change to get used to . But I refuse to waste my points on drinking anything, I like to eat my points .